Hello, I’m Peter Adams and I own Ocean State Printers.

Do we provide the Service or Product you’re looking for?

And if so, how much does it cost?


This list - and the next page - tell some of the story, but

most projects are unique enough to require some additional

information to provide the right Service and Pricing.


If you’ll enter your name and number or email, I’ll call

you directly or reply to your message request.


We use Heidelberg and Xerox Digital Print Technology to

give you everything you expect from your printed product.


Every day we provide the envelopes, cards and labels that

make your business go.


I pick up and deliver most samples and orders myself,

so I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks for checking us out!


 If you've never tried us before and place any order
over $200, we will send you and a friend
to the Showcase Cinema on us!



Email us at

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Call:  (401) 722-9222
Fax: 722-2460

“We Pick Up & Deliver Every Order”

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